What's the difference between IPTV and TV Everywhere? IPTV review.

Acronyms aside, IPTV means that, instead of receiving TV channels through a satellite dish or cable TV unit, you get the same quality viewing delivered through your broadband connection via a set-top-box (STB).

A set-top-box is a mini-computer specifically designed to receive a digital television signal (actually, STBs do much more these days, but we’ll get into that later). Unlike TV aerials, cables and dishes, set-top-boxes don’t require special installation, so they work in apartments and units as well as houses and can be shifted easily when moving house.

How does IPTV work?

PTV data flows through the reserved portion of the pipe.

Think of your broadband connection like a large pipe with internet streaming through it – like water to your house – from your local phone exchange. The IPTV video stream is transmitted through a part of that pipe that’s reserved for a video stream.

This is often referred to as ‘quality of service’ as it enables IPTV service providers to cater for a specific standard, ensuring you get smooth TV-quality video with no interference from normal internet browsing. In turn, it doesn’t interfere with normal internet use either.

Difference between IPTV and conventional Satellite TV, Cable TV (CATV)

  • CATV and Satellite TV send hundreds of channels to a set-top box on the other hand IPTV to send only requested shows, saving bandwidth for the internet, HDTV, and other televisions.
  • Main difference which I like most that In IPTV you can pause Live programs which you can’t in CATV and satellite TV.
  • You will be able to select play times for your content by creating your own personal broadcast channel. This enables you to organize your content so you can sequence various videos in whatever order you prefer. You will also be able to have this content play nonstop if you so desire. You would never be able to do that with cable or satellite.
  • Cable and satellite television providers would make you pay for each time that your content is aired. If you wanted it aired again, you would have to pay more.

Some Features about IPTV

  • Time Shift: We can watch last 7 days programs and it can be auto-recorded.
  • Live TV Controller: Rewind, pause and play even while watching live TV broadcast.
  • Video on Demand (VOD): We can Rewind, fast forward, pause and play the latest blockbusters as per our convenience. It is like watching a movie on the DVD player.

There are some hurdles on the way of IPTV like Loss of signal due to heavy rains and storms, Country regulations.

There are some custom software applications that are designed for IPTV boxes like Simple TV. It lets your write a computer program without the need to stay close to a TV. Some of the main features of this application are The interface is flexible and has plenty of options; You can play and burn rtmp- streams; You can download the program guide and perform burning using it and Editable lists of channel and files.

It has been long in the making, but here we go. Credit to Cigars for his base that I could work on. There is a lack of good IPTV in Plex, and our team has been trying to combat that.

PlexTips presents. MultiPLEX. The ultimate IPTV solution in Plex. (Open Beta)

What makes this a worthy successor to channels like CCLoud and XTV, I hear you ask:

  • Actively updated streams constantly adding more,
  •  Playlist is hosted externally, so when a link goes down, we can upload another without you needing to update the plug-in,
  • HD and SD streams, so you can watch even if your internet isn’t great,
  • Most sports channels (more coming soon),
  •  All of the UK BBC Channels All stream are categorized, so it stays well-organized
  • Works in almost every client, apart from plex web The version we are currently in Open Beta

How TO Setup IPTV box?

There are a lot of tutorials with instructions available online which can help you setup the IP television boxes. You can find apps for the boxes that will help you do that task.


Setup the box pretty close to the TV and you can operate it with the remote control that comes along with it. Placing it anywhere on the table can make your living room look messed up. So it’s better to find some organization ideas and inspirations and place them in a way that it looks good. Just like we use binder clip hacks to organize a lot of things in our everyday life.

Some IPTV Box Reviews

NEVER NEVER go for Airtel IPTV.


I applied for Airtel IPTV connection on 15th September'11 by paying Rs. 999/- to Airtel. I was informed that IPTV will be setup on my Airtel line within 5 days.


After at least 20-25 calls to customer care and 8-10 emails to model and appellate officers, the IPTV service is not installed at my place. All the complaints are closed and current status is that IPTV service is installed and fully functional. But the reality is that no one approached me for IPTV service. The model and appellate officers are also not taking any actions on this issue.


I am being charged every month for the IPTV service in my Airtel bill without even getting this service.


 I asked Airtel to refund the money which I paid for IPTV installation as it has not been installed, but on that also there is no response from their side.


Airtel should stop advertising IPTV as it is the most pathetic service that they have.




Please never ever take IPTV from Airtel. I got one installed in April this year. The offer was tempting. In 999 you get Phone, the Internet, and TV. Things were ok when on 11th Aug the product stopped working. I raised an SR in Airtel on 12th Aug, a technician came after a lot of hesitation, as he had declared on the phone itself that the Set top box has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.


It is 23rd Aug and there is no sign of replacement of the box. I raised numerous SRs, but it made no difference to any custom take outer care manager's life at Airtel, I wrote a mail at 121@ airtel.In, to get a cut copy paste reply asking me to cooperate.


 I checked with others in Gurgaon where too IPTV service is being provided and got a similar response that the wait is endless if it stops working and no one listens.


Certainly, Airtel IPTV should get an award for being the most horrible product with the most pathetic, rather nil after sales support. I have demanded my money back from Airtel, but there is no one to care. I am thinking of taking Airtel to Consumer court.



Rahul Saxena







I Purchased MTNL’s IPTV services provided by Akshay optic fibre on 26/04/2009, vide installation registration No 00016317 but in n2 days after installation it did not work and the technician came and told to change Modem then some other guy from Ash told to change Port But since 2 months no one comes to change port The phone call to their company is just waste of time In spite, of repeated complaints.


 The engineer was not sent to my house. Finally, I decided to de-activate the services on 18/06/2009.So naturally, I gave the letter to MTNL Versova to refund my deposit Now MTNL says I have to go to Ash at MTNL Goregaon to get a refund, but that was not to be. The connection is so bad that every 15 min, it gets lost and I have to start again.. I advise others not to go for MTNL’s IPTV services as they have the worst customer care service, though the prices are competitive, it is of no use as you cannot view TV most of the times. MTNL & AKSH need to get their act together soon!





We reside in Thane city and had the misfortune of falling prey to the much-advertised IPTV. We happen to opt for IP TV and got it installed on August 2, 2008. We also got the cable disconnected forthwith. IP TV started working on day one but the happiness was short-lived.


Once we switched off the SET TOP BOX and put it on again there was no way of viewing TV. We could in no way restart the TV again.


That ended our TV viewing on day one. We contacted the toll-free helpline of IOL (India Online Broadband) only to be given a complaint number. We were forced to entertain ourselves by calling the helpline instead of viewing TV. This continued from August 2nd to August 12th. We had the pleasure of noting down as many as 10 complaint numbers during the said period. An engineer from IOL, the collaborators for IP TV with MTNL visited our residence and inspected the problem. He replaced the router with a higher capacity one and with some adjustments IP TV came alive.

It continued to work without any hassle from August 12th to August 18th. We were on top of the world and thought that we had taken the right decision by opting for IP TV. But from August 18th noon we had the unique pleasure of only watching the MTNL IP TV logo on our TV screen.

We waited for some miracle to happen and the TV to come alive. But unfortunately, it did not

happen. So we decided to go back to our other entertainment source namely calling the helpline. But to our dismay, even the helpline had stopped working. On contacting their engineer on his cell phone we were informed that their server is down. This is a new excuse given to us. We wish we were in some.

Western country wherein we could have claimed damages for the mental agony caused to us by providing the said connection. The only positive factor was the sincerity and relentless service of the engineer attending us.

We wish to thank MTNL for providing us with an IP TV connection and educating us about the various problems that could occur. We have asked our local cable operator to re-connect our cable connection immediately.


a step to the other side of reality type of vidcast. Pure Pwnage started off as a funny, off humor show about a guy and his games. Jeremy is the ultimate gamer, one that is the best of the best. The kind you hate to play because he has no life and plays games 24/7. The kind of gamer that makes you want to quit playing games and become a monk.

The characters have grown since the beginning of this miss-adventure in geekdom. Jeremy is our lead and had several characters revolve around him, but Jeremy is our focal point. The show is shot as if a documentary of Jeremy’s life was in progress. Which is just what anyone would really want, to follow a gamer around all the time.

The story is simple at first, the guy plays games, pwns everyone and takes no prisoners. The thing is that as we delve into this gamer's life we find we are only on the surface of this juicy banana. The road that Jeremy ends up taking is an amazing adventure that leaves us breathless.

The production value is good. Editing, camera, and scoring are strong. The vidcast has been seen as one of the more innovators of the IPTV world. The growth and span of viewership on the show is a testament to this show's appeal. At one time they sold a piece of “Jeremy’s hair” on eBay. They used the money to improve productions, but also to go and visit the fan that paid for the snippet of hair. Then even included the fan into one of the episodes!

If you are looking for a show that is off the wall, fun without taking itself seriously and a laugh a minute, then this is your show. If you’re looking for serious, dramatic on the edge kinda of stuff, then while this might not be a show for you, you should watch it anyway and lighten up “you n00b”.

Web Drifter is another show from the IPTV network called Revision 3. Ex-Tech TV Alum, Martin Sargent is the host of this show. Basically, Web Drifter is about a search of the webs oddities and weirdness and the sharing of that with you, the viewer.

Sargent is no slouch when it comes to being funny, odd and brilliant. All wrapped up in one package. His show on G4 was canceled and was well ahead of its time. Think Tom Green meets Katie Couric meets Robin Leech.


This is Sargent’s second show with the new network. He has been producing an audio cast that is called “Infected”. Another top notch humor, crazy, mind-blowing affair. Sargent, as usual, gives us a close look at the strangest and most “profound” things on the web. Not only does he look into these sites, but he now visits the creators to pick their brain. His ability to roast, interview and open these people up is uncanny, shades of David Letterman.


The production value is decent. Clean visuals, good audio and for the most part well-timed segments. At the time of this review, only one episode has been released, I have a feeling this will be one of the stronger shows out of Revision 3.


In a business where coming up with edgy, new ideas is almost impossible, Sargent and his crew pull out a winner. I would happily suggest this show to any of you out there that are one of the following: Alive, Like Humor, Conspiracy Theorist, Insane, or from West (by God) Virginia or Pig Lovers.


Rating: 4 out of 5

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Extraction (2020) - Action Movie Review Post

According to digital marketing surveys, military action films have long been a staple of the action film genre. Exploring various military branches (army, navy, air force, SEALS, etc.), these films primarily focus on action premise, relying on tried and authentic military action/violence aesthetics to showcase the film's narrative.

While some are a bit illogical (i.e., going with the flow and the film's storyline premise), secret missions, stories of war, occupation, and tension between nations are these films' "bread and butter," making an effort to show the grizzled action (on all forms of the military branches) as well as the espionage side of opposing government/nations on matters of military strength in the face of warring enemies or rival team members Furthermore, military action films have been woven into other genres (drama and sci-fi) to broaden their storytelling.

Extraction, the latest military action film from Netflix and director Sam Hargrave, is now available. Does the film belong in the military action film genre, or is it just a standard "run-in-the-mill" action pick that fails to deliver on its explosive action?

The Story:

Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) is a privileged young man who is lonely in his surroundings. His father, Mahajan (Pankaj Tripathi), is a ruthless drug kingpin in India who is currently incarcerated for his crimes, leaving parental supervision to Saju (Randeep Hooda), his right-hand man who has his own family to care for. One night, while out with few friends at a club, Ovi is kidnapped by men working for Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli), a primary drug lord / criminal kingpin from Bangladesh who is looking to capitalize on Mahajan's imprisonment, with an idea to conquer his rival's territory by keeping his son as a hostage.

Enters, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), an Australian mercenary is dealing with grief issues who is dragged into service when Mahajan's people hire a team led by Nik Khan (Goldshifteh Farahani) to retrieve Ovi; organizing a challenging mission that drops the team into the belly of the unseen beast, with Asif's army of enforcers spread across the city. Traveling to Dhaka to get the young boy, Tyler quickly realizes that the job isn't what it appears to be, putting himself (and his team) in mortal danger as plans go awry. Double-crossing takes place as the hired merc plans to navigate through the hostile city, seeing his mission through to completion and saving Ovi from anyone who gets in his way.

What Works, What Doesn't:

So, growing up in the 1990s, I remember seeing a lot (and I mean a lot) of action movies, most of which were released between the mid and late 1990s. Nowadays, you can search them up with the help of SEO services provided online. Top Gun and Under Siege were two of the first movies I remember seeing. While the latter was less well-known than the former, both films served as introductions to dramatized military films, particularly those in the action genre. From there, I saw a slew of action films (ranging from excellent to mediocre) that cover a wide range of military branches and genres, including sci-fi, espionage, historical war, and modern-day war films (Act of Valor and 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi), among many others.

Overall, while some may be better than others (in the eyes of both movie critics and moviegoers), military action is fundamental to the action genre and is justified by Hollywood's continuous cycle of chronicling aggressive action heroics (and tragedies) onto the silver screen. This brings me back to Extraction, the most recent action film of 2020's releases, as well as a Netflix original film. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic's "stay at home" and "self-quarantine," I've begun to run out of mainstream feature films, particularly those I saw in theatres before the pandemic started.

During this time, I find myself looking for new movies to watch and review for my blog. I recall Netflix releasing the trailer (via online) for the film Extraction, which starred Chris Hemsworth and promised non-stop action nuances, something akin to a theatrical action blockbuster from major studios. Like many others, the trailer piqued my interest, and I was eager to see the film. As I've previously stated, I enjoy some Netflix original TV shows. Still, I find their movies to be a bit of a mixed bag (i.e., some good and some rejected prospects dumped by major studios for the streaming services audience). However, with Hemsworth as the star and the film's premise resembling a theatrical release of this classic action popcorn flick, I went into Extraction with a more positive attitude than I usually do when watching Netflix movies. And how did I feel about it? It was, in fact, quite good. While the story is thin and lacks substance, Extraction delivers on its action premise with some exciting editing and cinematic sequences, as well as a likely lead in Hemsworth. It's not the best action film out there, but it's worth a look for those who enjoy action films.

Extraction is directed by Sam Hargrave, who has previously directed several short films, including The Shoot, Game Changer, and Reign. As a result, Hargrave transitions from short films to full-length features, with Extraction serving as his theatrical directorial debut. Hargrave succeeds in this regard, providing a good entertainment of action aspects and sequences to the proceedings that are pretty "in-line" with what Extraction wants to be. While the film is not without flaws (more on that below), Hargrave's first foray into the world of filmmaking is admirable and far superior to what most first-time feature-length directors can achieve.

Furthermore, Hargrave appears to know and understand the complexity and intricate workings of action stunts and set-pieces, which he heavily utilized in the film's action pieces, owing to his background as a stuntman/stunt coordinator in many films such as Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Atomic Blonde. Speaking of action, Extraction has plenty of it, with Hargrave focusing on the gritty and intense military action level and exploiting it to the fullest. If you're looking for action, this film has it all: gunfights, car chases, and hand-to-hand combat. It's all there, and there's a barrage of heightened intensity that feels entirely amplified; something reminiscent of Max Payne's grit, The Raid: Redemption, and a little bit of John Wick. It's in these moments that the film (and Hargrave's talents) indeed come to life, with the gripping action sequences that the film's trailer promised. As expected, the film is rated R for a reason, and the action lives up to that rating, with plenty of high-stakes action along the way. Even putting that aside, Hargrave delivers a solid (if slightly flawed / straightforward) narrative that adheres to military action films' traditional storytelling nuances. It reminds me a little of Sicario (in a way).

Extraction is a tried and true action feature that carries the theatrical presentation weight for a gritty military action venture of recent projects. As previously stated, the film's action is the film's highlight, and it is fully realized with some fantastic and explosive sequences that are tightly edited and performed beautifully. One entire action sequence has the feel of a "one-shot" take by dropping us (the viewers) into a non-stop scene of action, danger, and intensity for Rake to overcome, providing some gripping cinematic action worthy of a blockbuster treatment. It also makes its way into the top PPC services rankings.

Thus, Newton Thomas Sigel's (cinematography) and Ruthie Aslan and Peter B. Ellis' (film editing) efforts, as well as the choreography / diverse stuntman of all these scenes, should be commended for making Extraction's action moments feel overall enticing, dangerous, and thrilling to watch. Furthermore, the film's location, production designs, and set decorations are all well-executed; depicting an urban Indian cityscape that feels intricately maze-like and claustrophobic in design helps build tension in the feature's story.

Randeep Hooda (Highway and Beeba Boys) plays Saju, a former special forces operative who works for Ovi Mahajan Sr. and serves as Ovi Jr. 's protector. The character of Saju, like Hemsworth's Rake, is more of a "physical" role, which means there isn't much depth for Hooda to play with. Thus, the actor makes the role memorable through the ways and means in which he interacts with situations (much like Hemsworth) and provides a solid action character who is trying to do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Finally, Alex Belcher and Henry Jackman composed the film's score, which delivers a pulse-pounding movie soundtrack that speaks to many of the film's intense moments as well as a few softer melodies during character dialogue scenes. I had a few issues with Extraction, including the feeling that it was a little bit hollow in some areas and did not fully flesh out the feature's narrative as much as it could have. In what way? The main issue boils down to two factors: Hargrave's direction and the script's handling of the film. While I applaud Hargrave's efforts, making the film stand out with its intense action sequences, the film struggles to find a "happy medium" in terms of action versus characters. Perhaps it's due to the director's lack of experience with such projects, so the decision to act on the story is relatively straightforward, potentially preventing the film from reaching its full potential.

Furthermore, Extraction's second act is the most sluggish and unappealing. I understand why Hargrave wanted to explain certain characters (such as Rake and Ovi), but it ultimately backfires and feels quite dull, especially considering Extraction's first and third acts. When compared to other rescue mission films such as All the Money in the World, Man on Fire, Ransom, and Taken, Extraction falls a little short on substance; presenting a very straightforward story with plenty of explosive action but lacking a reason for us (the audience) to invest in these fictional characters and why they are doing what they are doing. Extraction's script handling, penned by Joe Russo, is relatively straightforward and doesn't deviate from a predictable projected path. In reality, the story is quite simple, which adds a lot of hollowness to the proceedings; an action film lacks substance.

Of course, the film does not present itself as anything other than an intense action film, so it gets a pass in that regard. Nonetheless, the film's narrative is perhaps its weakest link. Also, a few story elements in the movie need to be fleshed out, such as Ovi Senior's past (i.e., why is he in jail?). What is his relationship with his son?) and a few aspects in Amir's background that are more than just a simple ruthless baddie, which can be pretty generic. There's also a new side character (a young boy who becomes entangled in Asif's ways but eventually gets the short end of the stick). Yes, some of these character's scenes effectively demonstrate how villainous Asif is (as well as the harsh environment in which they live). Still, the character could have been cut for the film's final cut, and nothing would have changed, making the character somewhat moot.

Final Verdict:

In the film Extraction, Tyler Rake enters the "belly of the beast" as his rescue mission to search for a kidnapped boy proves to be his most challenging mission yet. Director Sam Hargrave uses the military action rescue mission plot device in his feature-length directorial debut, and he provides plenty of aesthetics and nuances to quench an intense entertainment experience. While the film struggles to find a proper balance between story and action (due to a thinly executed narrative) as well as character development/plot backstories, it does succeed in giving the film an extra juice of pure action glee through the film's direction (to a degree), as well as the film's editing, cinematics, and solid performances from Hemsworth and Hooda.

Personally, I enjoyed this film. Yes, a few parts could have been easily expanded, and some of the unspoken story elements were distracting, but I thought Hargrave's film stood on its own and is well worth a watch. As a result, I offer this film a favorable "recommended" rating, especially to fans of the action movie genre and Hemsworth's work. In the end, while Extraction isn't the "be-all and end-all" of action film endeavors, it's a fun (and intense) distraction of pure adrenaline entertainment that works effectively if you take the project for what it is.....a solid action flick in movie escapism.